Welcome to my blog.

A friend of mine, a fastidious and excellent nonfiction writer, warned me not to blog because my blog would be for many people—editors, employers, ‘readers’—their first exposure to my writing and should, therefore, be of publishable quality.  I’m not sure what precisely constitutes “publishable quality”, but I suspect that if you can’t tell the difference between published writing and a blog post from a new novelist killing some time on the internet—and sitting in the airport, at the moment, with a stranger looking over his shoulder—then the disintegration of literary boundaries and aesthetics is really complete and Rome, so to speak, has already burned.  Or to put it another way: This is a blog.  So, much as they might require it, I will not revise the previous sentences for clarity or amend my creative colon usage.

Still, if that’s the case and you’ve never read a word I’ve written before (like, not even an email), stop reading and go buy my book and/or one of the journals where my work has appeared.  In fact, these are things everyone should do anyway. Now that I’ve established what this blog isn’t, here’s what it will be: occasional commentary on books and publishing, a place to trumpet and laud the accomplishments of my modest and talented friends and colleagues, and, of course, the odd discussion of a good literary cocktail—even if I’m not sure what that means.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog and fairly nascent website.  I’ll be updating it pretty soon.  Most likely with some new pictures!

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