Selected Publications

You can find some of my recent published short fiction and poetry in the following literary journals.  For stories, where the text is not already available online for free, I’ve provided a link to the journal.



“The Home Visit,” Subtropics, Spring 2023 (Forthcoming)

“If You Wake and Are Still Afraid, or An All-Inclusive Vacation,” Iron Horse Literary Review, 24.02, Fall 2022 (Forthcoming)

“The Meeting of the Search Committee,” Superstition Review, Issue 30, December 2022

“Field Notes From the Middle Air,” Barrelhouse, Issue 23, Fall 2022

“Zero Hour and I’m Taking Up Taxidermy,” The Chattahoochee Review, Winter 2014

“Horse Latitudes Excerpt,” The Collagist, August 2013

“Where the Strange Heart Lies,” Pleiades, Summer 2013

“For Those Who are Broken,” Michigan Quarterly Review, Winter 2013

“The Apiary of Their Love,” Gulf Coast, Fall 2012

“Two Characters and a Cassowary,” Lake Effect, Spring 2012

“Theories of Attraction,” Los Angeles Review, Spring 2012

“Brick,” Passages North, Winter 2012

Other Fiction has appeared in Neon, Grasslimb, In Posse Review, among others.


“It Would Help to Have the Next Sorrow Announced,” The Florida Review, 46.1, Spring 2022

“Nineveh,” Genre2, Issue 1. September, 2018

“Witness,” Tampa Review, Issue 51/52, Fall 2016

“Haunting,” Clackamas Literary Review, Volume XX, Spring 2016

“To See the Danger Coming,” Iron Horse Literary Review 18.2, Spring 2016

“Blackness in Good Augury,” Saranac Review, Fall 2011

“On Rosh Hashanah the Angel Comes,” Saranac Review, Fall 2011

“Message from Whithorn,” Saranac Review, Fall 2011

“Available Life,” Nimrod International Journal, Fall/Winter 2010

“Adrift,” Nimrod International Journal, Fall/Winter 2010

“Gwydion to Bloedeuedd,” The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Autumn/Winter 2004